Four Expletives

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expletive (ek-spli-tiv) noun 1. an exclamation or swearword; an oath or a soundexpressing an emotional reaction rather than anyparticular meaning  2. a word used to express anger, fear, frustration, excitement or ecstasy. adjective  3. a word added merely to fill out a sentence or line, give emphasis, etc.

Choose any combination of four fancy gold expletives: Asshole, Bastard, Bitch, Cunt, Douche, Fucker, Prick, Skank, Tool, Twat, Cabrón, Coño, Pendejo, Puta
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Set of 4: make it personal
12.5 oz beverage glasses
Printed in metallic gold
Dishwasher safe
Gift wrapped in a glossy black box
Made in the USA

Cocktail recipes

Sully's Spicy GnT


Sailor Jerry Hot Chocolate


Grapefruit Margaritas


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