Executive Realness Insulated Bottle

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realness the ability to embody the truest version of something or someone. To do something authentically.

executive realness When a person who is not a business executive dresses and acts so much like an executive that people think they are, and in some sense they become an executive.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, the ballroom scene was one of New York’s most vibrant subcultures. Balls were extravagant pageants organized around a range of categories with one reigning supreme: realness. LGBTQ men and women dressed according to a theme and walked a runway, fiercely competing for trophies and underground fame. 

"Realness categories are about building confidence to the people who are walking this category. It’s the identity of ballroom." – Lasseindra Ninja, Mother of the Paris Chapter of the House of Ninja, from the documentary, Paris Is Burning.

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15 oz stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle
Keeps liquids cold for about 9 hours and hot for about 6 hours. 
Printed in white.
Gift wrapped in a burgundy satin bag

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