About Me

I'm kind of obsessed with glass.

My glassware collection began on a road trip back in 1994. We stopped at a thrift store and I bought 3 little green vases. This has expanded into a large collection of hand blown and pressed glassware, predominantly from the glassmakers of West Virginia. 

When I discovered eBay around 2001, this changed the game. My first glassware purchase was a whiskey bottle - the kind used for I Dream of Jeannie - and became hooked. Now I also have shelves of really cool retro drinking glasses, many still in their original boxes, mostly from the 50s-70s.

In 2003, I opened a retail store in Downtown Brooklyn selling locally made art. I collaborated with friends to create a line of martini glasses, cocktail shakers, flasks, and shot glasses. A line of Brooklyn Landmark Pint Glasses, created with Adam Suerte, are still available at his tattoo shop more than 15 years later. 

When I closed the shop in 2010, I began designing Brooklyn glassware and greeting cards, selling them with at local markets.

I seem to have an attention span of 7 years (it's an itch.)

In early 2017, I produced a set of custom "Cunty" glasses for a friend... and lost all interest in the cards. 

The name Bad Girl Barware came instantly. Designing the glasses cracks me up. I love seeing people's faces of people light up when they get it.

I love all the crazy logistics from designing and production to packaging and website, although I've started slacking on the social media. I even work with the same glass factory I began with in 2003.

I am able to justify "those awful glasses" to my parents with this explanation (if you care.) I still supplement my income by creating websites and graphic design for a variety of clients. Here's my portfolio.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.


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