Copy of Glossary

asshole (asˌhōladj slang 1. a vulgarism to describe the anus 2. generally used to describe people who are viewed as stupid, incompetent, unpleasant, or detestable.

bastard (ˈba:stəd)  noun 1. a child without married parents  2. those responsible for the death of Kenny  3. one who is narcissistic and unknowingly frustrating  4. A 70's band which changed thier name to Motörhead and became one of the best bands ever. You know this guy. 

beer ((bɪə)) noun 1. an alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermentation from cereals, usually malted barley, and flavored with hops and the like for a slightly bitter taste. 2. forms part of the culture of many nations and is associated with social traditions such as beer festivals, as well as a rich pub culture involving activities like pub crawling and pub games.

bitch (biCH) noun 1. female dog, wolf, fox or otter  noun, slang 2. a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, usually a woman  3. a person who is completely subservient to another, usually degrading in status  4. a complaint 5. the middle seat in any car  verb, slang 1. whining excessively. 

cabrón (kah.-brohn) noun (Spanish) 1. a male goat 2. a man cuckolded by his partner. adj. 3. a bastard, asshole or jerk. The word cabrón is used widely in the Spanish-speaking world, though its exact connotation and degree of offensive varies not only with the region but also with the people using it. Teenagers in particular tend to use slang openly and without reservation. Non-native speakers are best off not emulating them.

coño (koɲo) n, slang (Spanish) 1. female genitalia 2. feature of speech to express emphasis or to stress a wide variety of emotion.

cunt (khunt) noun, slang 1. female genitalia  2. derogatory term for a woman  3. a person so vile as to be without any redeeming feature. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language. 

douche (duːʃ)  noun 1. a jet of liquid applied to part of the body for cleansing or medicinal purposes 2. a person who will use flattery and any other means possible to get a date 3. the typical Toyota Prius driver  4. an unpleasant narcissist or idiot.

fucker (fuhk-er) noun, slang 1. a contemptible or stupid person (often used as a general term of abuse) 2. the one who does the actual fucking, as opposed to the fuckee, who is the one getting fucked. 3. a person who acts in a way that cause severe annoyance and anger in others, often resulting in bitterness and severe hatred. 

pendejo (pẽn̪ˈd̪exo) noun (Spanish) 1. a single pubic hair 2. asshole or jerk 3. someone who is easily fooled, gullible, idiot. In Mexico's slang it is used as an insult like idiot or fool, but in Peru's slang it used to describe a smart guy with few or no scruples.

prick (prɪk)  noun 1. make a small hole in (something) with a sharp point slang 2. a penis 3. a guy who thinks they know everything but in reality they're a hypocrate. 4. a guy who loves to cause drama then acts like nothings wrong. That guy is so stupid it's painful to those around him.

puta (poo.- ah) noun (Spanish) 1. a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships 2. whore 3. to express frustration, anger, or surprise - similar to damn, shit, or bloody hell. Puta is part of a number of vulgar stock phrases in Spanish, including  ¡hijo de puta! = son of a bitch, ¡puta madre! = motherfucker or fuck off, and ni puta idea = I’ve got no fucking idea.

slag (slag) noun 1. (British and Aussie) an individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual 2. a promiscuous woman 3. (Aussie) spit  4. waste left over after manufacturing iron ore  verb 5. (British and Aussie) to put down, used to describe unpleasant situations

skank (skaNGk) noun 1. a promiscuous woman 2. a fast dance to reggae or ska music 3. an expert at the walk of shame 4. one who does not exhibit desirable forms of personal hygiene. verb 1. swindle or deceive. 

tool (to͞ol) noun 1. A device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function 2. one who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used  3. someone who tries too hard  4. Progressive rock band from the early 90's slang 5. a man's penis.

twat (twaht) noun, slang 1. female genitalia   2. a derogatory term for a person whose behaviour is considered to be extremely or intolerably ignorant, obnoxious, offensive or moronic  3. the past tense of "tweet" in relation to Twitter  4. a great word to shout when inebriated.