What's on your Dirty Mind?

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shots, shots, shots (shotz, shotz, shotz) noun phrase 1. a series of alcholic beverages served in succession, usually served in shot glasses  2. a small amount of an alcoholic beverage, typically above 80 proof, served in a small glass  3. whiskey is the most common straight shot in America  4. a game you play with a friend that involves taking shots. It is important to note shots, shots, shots should be encouraged especially while the LMFAO song of the same name plays in the background.

Choose from: A Stiff One, Swallow, Bottoms Up & Lick it, Slam it, Suck it
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Set of 4: what's your pleasure?
1.75 oz shot glasses
Printed in black ink 
Dishwasher safe
Gift wrapped
Made in the USA 

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