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thot acronym That Ho Over There 1. initially used by rappers and hip hop artists as a derogatory term for women to whom they intend to pay no mind and dismiss entirely. 2. a person who's worth is tied to their sexuality and sexual prowess  3. someone who isn't considered desirable because they are promiscuous and incapable of being faithful. 

"At its root, a thot is someone who is sexually promiscuous generally used towards women of color. Therefore, it's totally valid for a woman of color to refer to herself as a thot if she takes pride in her sexual prowess and wants to turn the negativity behind the word to positivity." -Mehak Anwar, Bustle

Use this oversized glass to toast to your sexual prowess!
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15 oz beverage glass
Printed in navy blue
Dishwasher safe
Gift wrapped
Made in the USA

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